guitar lessons

… it’s a great opportunity to do what you always wanted, and you always wanted to play the guitar.

A properly selected learning program, selected especially for children, guarantees the proper development of the student, guides him through difficult meanders of the playand allows to get to know the instrument, ensures that the child is properly motivated. Learning notes, chords, harmony and improvisation, scales and rhythm. All supported by 30 years of stage and educational experience.


  • 30 min / once a week – £ 20
  • 30 min / 2x a week – £ 36
  • 45 min / once a week – £ 30
  • 30 min / 5x a week – £ 120
  • payment in advance for 4 weeks, canceled lessons are not refundable

Lessons take place at the student’s home.

If you are happy with the lesson, please leave a comment:

    Best Guitar Lessons Reading Berkshire Robert Otwinowski, All supported by 20 years of stage and educational experience

    Best Guitar Lessons Reading Berkshire, Best Guitar Lessons Reading Berkshire